1. To boost your confidence during your presentation, open your chest and arms and keep your back straight. This position will make you breathe better and you'll feel more relaxed.
2. To make your audience comfortable, simply smile at them. Smiling is our most powerful weapon.
3. To engage people, gesture with your arms and hands in a natural way, and look your audience in the eye, people tend naturally to pay attention and to like people who look them in the eye.
4. To demonstrate authority, keep calm and use small and stiff gestures. This way people will trust you and view you as a confident person.
5. To bring movement to your speech, use the physical space you have available and walk it. For examble, if you're presenting three point, talk about point A when you at your first position; then move out 2 or 3 steps and talk about point B; this way, a movement that incluedes space will accompany your speech.
6. To keep your audience's attention, vary your gestures throughout the presentation. Open gestures, small gestures, gestures that involve your head, arms and hands, gestures that involve only your hands, or only your head, broad gestures...
7. To draw attention to a certain element of the presentation, point directly at it and look it on the screen at the same time. Your audience will follow your eyes and finger.
8. To encourage audience participation, use open gestures and if possible walk around and toward poeple. We tend to participate more when we have proximity to a speaker.
9. To make a hard question seem esier, pause, breathe slowly (this will give you time to think) and then answer while looking the questioner in the eye.
10. To make your audience buy your story, use postive gestures during the entire presentation: nodding, open gestures, smiling, mirroring, etc.