During your planning process, be sure to set reasonable goals for yourself and to spend enough time each day working so that you can meet those goals comfortably. The following timeline is an example of how to schedule your task for writing a dissertation in a month.
Get a style guide. Get an MLA/APA guide for the writing style your dissertation needs to be in. It will give specific instructions for formatting and referencing.
Format your paper. Change style settings in your MS Word program. Set spacing, margins, headers and footers as necessary according to style guidelines.
Create a cover page. Insert a working title, your name, professor's name, name of institution and any other style specific information required for your cover page. 1 page
Create your research question. State your problem. Should be complex to allow for sufficient comment and debate but simple enough to be answered within the scope of your dissertation. Should be pre-approved by your mentor.
Gather your sources. Use electronic databases and the library to secure scholarly sources for your dissertation. Use as many is needed to fully develop your topic but try to limit to 100 independent sources.
Create a literature review and reference page. Format your sources according to the style guidelines and summarize each source in a one paragraph review. Up to 20 pages.