When you learn something new. You need to make list. It's important. In addition, you will remember these thing you've learned.
You find a new picture. You save it. Then you can explain it. The thing that you need is simple. perhaps you write wrong grammar. However, it's reality.
Learning sentence, you rewrite again and again. After you demonstrate it. You divide them to simple sentences. To analyze a simple sentence, we must first of all learn how to divide the sentence into two main parts – the subject and the predicate. Visit http://www.englishgrammar.org/analysis-simple-sentence/ to find out more.
You also need to translate these sentences to your native language. It creates the new, interesting, fascinating feeling.
Making list words you prepare to learn. A general look helps solve problem of concept. Preparing thing that need to research is important. There are clear things at the end of the lesson. In the end, you have a new list. Let use it. Don't worry about the mistake when you use it. The mistake will create complete meaning.