1. Arcosa Design Ltd. offers digital and print design ……. that fit the individual client's requirements.

(A) to service
(B) service
(C) serviced
(D) services

2. Consumers are advised to use caution when applying this product ………. fabrics that have been dyed by hand.

(A) at
(B) to
(C) out
(D) off

3. Amonarth Premium paints are highly ……. to most stains and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

(A) resistance
(B) resisted
(C) resistant
(D) resists

4. The company sponsored five-kilometer run will be held on October 15, and all employees ……… to participate.

(A) to invite
(B) invite
(C) inviting
(D) are invited

5. In the decade …….. it was founded, Liu and Wang Corporation has become a legend in creative advertising.

(A) since
(B) almost
(C) however
D) therefore

6. ............ demonstrating an impressive work ethic, Ms. Hyun often takes on extra projects in addition to her regular workload.

(A) Consistently
(B) Consistency
(C) Consisted
(D) Consistent

7. Visitors should reserve opera tickets well in advance ……. they hope to see a performance while in Westgard City.

(A) and
(B) or
(C) if
(D) until

8. No firm can ……… to rely forever only on the strength of its name to sell products.

(A) require
(B) afford
(C) suppose
(D) depend

9. Library patrons who fail to return an item by the due date ………. a fee

(A) charge
(B) will be charged
(C) have charged
(D) are charging

10. Staff members should work in pairs during the training workshop to help ……..master the procedure for handling customer service inquiries.

(A) one such
(B) each other
(C) yourself
(D) everything