Write your introduction. This will include stating the problem that is the basis for dissertation. Information should provide the reader with an overview of the dissertation without being to specific. How long it is will depend on the scope and length of your dissertation. It should be around 10% of the length of your dissertation, or about 10 pages out of a page dissertation.

Provide background information. This will include the rational and significance for the study, the need for study and the theoretical or conceptual framework used for study. The length of this section should be long enough to adequately give all relevant information. At least 10% of the total dissertation length.

State of objectives. These are the goals that you have regarding the dissertation research. Objectives should be specific and measurable. This section will be short and concise, 1 page or more as needed.

State any assumptions, limitation and operational definitions. Give exact definitions of words and terms as they apply to your work in the dissertation. Identify any assumptions you are working with and any limitations that may impact the study and its results. Length can vary depending on what needs to be defined, from 1 page to 5.

State your hypothesis. This is what you believe that the research will show. May be proved or disproved after your study is complete. Will be later discussed in the conclusion. This is a short statement, no longer than half a page.