The kumo is the very "heart and soul" of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo charting system.
Đám mây là trái tim và linh hồn của hệ thống đồ thị Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.
Perhaps the most immediately visible component of Ichimoku, the kumo ("cloud" in Japanese) enables one to immediately distinguish the prevailing "big picture" trend and price's relationship to that trend. The kumo is also one of the most unique aspects of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo as it provides a deep, multi-dimensional view of support and resistance as opposed to just a single, uni-dimensional level as provided by other charting systems. This more encompassing view better represents the way in which the market truly functions, where support and resistance is not merely a single point on a chart, but rather areas that expand and contract depending upon market dynamics.
The kumo itself is comprised of two lines, the senkou span A and the senkou span B. Each of these two lines provides its own measure of equilibrium and together they form the complete view of longer-term support and resistance. Between these two lines lies the kumo "cloud" itself, which is essentially a space of "no trend" where price equilibrium can make price action unpredictable and volatile
Component: cấu tạo
Kumo: đám mây trong tiếng Nhật.
Immediately: ngay lập tức.
distinguish: phân biệt.
prevailing: thịnh hành, ưa chuộng
The kumo là trái tim và linh hồn của hệ thống đồ thị ichimoku.