Start with English

Everything you think, feel, use, list... You must use English. Maybe you can write grammar but you also ever wrote by English language. You learn very very structure of sentences. Why not do you use it?

You need to demonstrate all thing 

When you saw a new words, you should write several times. So, you can remember it better. You can do better if you tried. Explain a  paragraph, sentences, word help you to develop meaning. Writing English sentence you will make a new habit. While you write enough. You realize  something true or false. 

Rewrite some sentences with words you've known.

Step one: You write the sentences you met. 
Step two: define the word in the sentence.
Step three: Rewrite it 
Example: When I travel in Europe, I prefer to stay in small hotels. 
travel v. come another place that you are living 
prefer v. like, enjoy
small adj. tiny, no larger, medium 
When I discover in Europe, I like to stay medium hotels.
So, you repeat these step very times. You can become better for new language.