01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
02 What are five things that you do every day without fail?
03 Would you prefer to live by the ocean or up in the mountains? Why?
04 What games did you play with your siblings when you were growing up?
05 When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Write about it.
06 Do you have any fond memories of camping with your family?
07 If you had an empty room, what are the ten things you would add to it?
08 Where's your favorite place to write?
09 Do you prefer going to cafes by yourself or with other people?
10 What are your ten favorite movies, and why?
11 How do you cope with stress and anxiety?
12 What do you usually have with toast?
13 Write about one of your childhood friends.
14 What are some of the things you tend to do when you procrastinate?
15 Describe a typical Thursday.
16 What are three things you are thankful for right now?
17 Is there anywhere in particular you would like to go with your family?
18 What currently inspires you?
19 How did your grandparents make a living?
20 What is your favorite hour of the day, and why?
21 How do you comfort your child(re) when they are sad?
22 Has somebody been kind to you recently?
23 What happened at 1pm today?
24 What are some things weighing on your heart right now?
25 Are there any habits that you would like to develop?
26 What do you like to snack on in the evenings?
27 What are three things from this past month that have been challenging?
28 What are three things from this past month that have uplifted you?
29 How are you feeling today?
30 What is your favorite thing about Saturday afternoons right now?
31 What are you most looking forward to next month?