Chắc ai đó sẽ cần....
1. S + V + too + adj/adv + for Someone + to do something
( quá ……..để làm gì…….)
VD: This structure is too easy for you to remember.
        He ran too fast for me to follow.
2. S + V + so + adj/adv + that + S + V
( quá…..đến nỗi mà….)
VD:  This box is so heavy that I cannot take it.
          He speaks so soft that we can’t hear anything.
3. It + V + such + a/an N(s) + that + S + V
( quá…..đến nỗi mà….)
VD: It is such a heavy box that I cannot take it.
       It is such interesting books that I cannot ignore them at all.
4. S + V + adj/adv + enough + for someone + to do something
( đủ…..cho ai đó làm gì……)
VD: She is old enough to get married.
        They are intelligent enough for me to teach them English.
5. Have/get + something + done ( p.2)
( nhờ ai hoặc thuê ai làm gì……..)
VD: I had my hair cut yesterday.
       I’d like to have my shoes repaired.
6. It + be + time + S + V (p.p) | It + be + time + for someone + to do something
( đã đến lúc ai đó phải làm gì…..)
VD: It is time you had a shower.
        It is time for you to have a shower.
7. It + take/took + some one + amount of time + to do something
( làm gì….. mất bao nhiều thời gian…. Để làm gì……)
VD: It take me 5 minutes to get to school.
       It look him 10 minutes to do this exercise yesterday.
8. To prevent/stop + someone/something + from + V-ing
( Ngăn cản ai/cái gì…… làm gì……)
VD: He prevented us from parking our car here.
9. S + find + it + Adj + to do some thing
( Thấy….để làm gì……)
VD: I find it very difficult to learn about English.
        They found it easy to overcome that problem
10. To prefer + N/V-ing + to + N/V-ing
( Thích cái gì/ làm gì hơn cái gì/làm gì)
VD: I prefer dog to cat.
       I prefer reading books to watching TV
11. Would rather + V(infinitive) + than + V( infinitive)
( thích làm gì hơn làm gì)
VD: She would play games than read books.
       I’d rather learn English than learn Biology.
12. To be/get used to + V-ing
( đã quen/dần làm gì)
VD: I am used to eating with chopsticks
        I get used to eating with chopsticks.
13. Used to + V ( infinitive)
( Thường làm gì trong quá khứ và bây giờ không làm nữa)
VD: I used to fishing with my friend when I was young.
        She used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day.
14. To be amazed at = to be surprised at + N/V-ing: Ngạc nhiên về
VD: I was amazed at his big beautiful villa/beautiful girlfriend.
15. To be angry at + N/v-ing: tức giận về………
VD: her mother was very angry at her bad marks.
16. To be good at/bad at + N/V-ing: giỏi về…../kém về……
VD: I am good at swimming.
       He is very bad at English.
17. By chance = by accident(adv): tình cờ.
VD: I met her in Paris by chance last week.
18. To get/get tired of + N/V-ing: mệt mỏi về……
VD: my mother was tired of doing too much housework everyday.
19. Can’t stand/help/bear/resist + V-ing: Không chịu nổi/không nhin được làm gì…..
VD: she can’t stand laughing at her little dog.
20. To be keen on/to be fond of + N/V-ing: thích làm gì đó…..
VD: My younger sister is fond of playing with her dolls.
21. To be interested in + N/V-ing: quan tâm đến………..
VD: Mrs.Brown is interested in going shopping on Sundays.
22. To waste + time/money + V-ing: tốn tiền/thời gian để làm gì…….
VD: He always wastes time playing computer games each day.
       Sometimes, I waste a lot of money buying clothes.
23. To spend + amount of time/money + V-ing
(dành bao nhiêu thời gian làm gì….)
VD: Mr.Jim spend a lot of money travelling around the world last year.
       I spend 2 hours reading books a day.
24. To spend + amount of time/money + on + something
( dành thời gian vào việc gì…..)
VD: my mother often spends 2 hours on housework every day.
       She spent all of her money on clothes.
25. To give up + V-ing/N ( từ bỏ làm gì/cái gì….)
VD: you should give up smoking as soon as possible.
26. Would like/want/wish _ to do something: thích làm gì.
VD: I would like to go to the cinema with you tonight.
27. Have + something + to-V: có cái gì đó để làm.
VD: I have many things to do this week.
28. It + be + something/someone + that/who: chính……mà…..
VD: it is Tom who got the best marks in my class.
       It is villa that he had to spend a lot of money last year.
29. Had better/should/ought to + V( infinitive): nên làm gì……..
VD: You had better to go to see the doctor.
30. Hate/like/dislike/enjoy/avoid/finish/mind/postpone/practice/consider/delay/deny/suggest/risk/keep/imagine/fancy + V-ing
VD: I always practice speaking English every day.
31. It is + Adj + for someone + to do something
VD: It is difficult for old people to learn English.
32. To be bored with …. ( chán làm cái gì…..)
VD: We are bored with doing the same things every day.
33. It’s the first time someone have/has p.p + something: lần đầu tiên làm cái gì….
VD: it’s the first time we have visited this place
34. Enough + N + to do something: đủ cái gì làm cái gì….
VD: I don’t have enough time to study
35. Adj + enough + to do something
VD: I’m not rich enough to buy a car.
36. Too + adj + to do something ( quá …..để làm cái gì….)
VD: I’m too young to get married.
37. To want someone to do something = to want to have something + p.p : Muốn ai làm gì….
VD: She wants someone to make her dress = She want to have a dress made.
38. It’s not necessary for someone to do something = Someone don’t need to do something
VD: It is not necessary for you to do this exercise = you don’t need to do this exercise.
39. To look forward to + V-ing ( mong chờ làm gì….)
VD: We are looking forward to going on holiday
40. To provide someone with V-ing ( Cung cấp cho ai cái gì)
VD: Can you provide us with some books in history?
41. To prevent someone from V-ing: cản trở ai làm gì
The rain prevented us from going for a walk.
42. To fail to do something ( không làm được cái gì/ thất bại trong việc làm gì…)
VD: we failed to do this exercise
43. To succeed in V-ing ( thành công trong việc làm cái gì…)
VD: We succeeded in passing the exam
44. To borrow someone from something ( mượn cái gì của ai…)
VD: She borrowed this book from the library.
45. To lend someone something ( cho ai mượn cái gì)
VD: can you lend me some money??
46. To make someone do something ( bắt ai làm gì….)
VD: the teacher made us do a lot of homework.
47. S + be + so +  Adj + that + S + V ( đến mức mà…)
VD: The exercise is so difficult that no one can do it.
48. S + be + such + Adj + N + that + S + V
VD: It is such a difficult exercise that no one can do it.
49. It is very kind of someone to do something ( ai thật tốt bụng/tử tế khi làm gì…..)
VD: It is very kind of you to help me.
50. To find it +adj + to do something
VD: We find it difficult to learn English.
51. To make sure of something ( bảo đảm điều gì) that + S + V
VD: I have to make sure of that information.
52. To have no idea of something = don’t know about something ( không biết về cái gì)
VD: I have no idea of this word = I don’t know this word.
53. To advise someone to do something ( khuyên ai làm gì – not to do something ( không làm gì)
VD: Our teacher advises us to study hard.
54. To plan to do something ( dự định / có kế hoạch làm gì)
VD: we planned to go on the picnic
55. To invite someone to do something ( mời ai làm gì)
VD: They invited me to go to the cinema.
56. To offer someone + something ( mời/đề nghị ai cái gì)
VD: He offered me a job in his company
57. To rely on someone ( tin cậy / dựa dẫm vào ai)
VD: you can rely on him
58. To keep promise ( giữ lời hứa)
VD: He always keeps promises.
59. To be able to do something = to be capable of + V-ing ( có khả năng làm gì)
VD: I’m able to speak English = I’m capable of speaking English.
60. To suggest someone ( should) do something: gợi ý ai làm gì
VD: I suggested she ( should) buy this house.
61. To suggest doing something: gợi ý làm gì.
VD: I suggested going for a walk.
62. Try doing something ( thử làm gì)
VD: We tried cooking this food
63. Try to do ( cố làm gì)
VD: We tried to learn English
64. To need doing ( cần được làm gì)
VD: This car needs repairing
65. To need to do something ( cần làm gì)
VD: You need to work harder
66. To remember doing ( nhớ đã làm gì)
VD: I remember seeing this film.
67. To remember to do ( nhớ làm cái gì đó)
VD: remember to do your homework.
68. To be busy doing something ( bân rộn làm gì)
VD: We are busy preparing for our exam.
69. To mind doing something ( phiền làm gì)
VD: do/ would you mind closing the door for me?
70. Let someone do something ( để ai làm gì)
VD: Let him come in
        Let him go